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Director of Merchandising Sector
Patryk joined SafeEvolveCrypto as Director of project.
Patryk is a founder of the Soto'n Motor Crew with a strong passion for cars. Passionate lover of anime, very talented in creating his own computer graphics with a fantasy theme. He likes to play video games in free time to get more creative juices flowing. 💎
His position in our SafeEvolveCrypto project will be Director of Merchandising Sector. He will be in charge of producing materials like t-shirts, cases, caps, and many more to promote our project all over the world! 📈
Apart than that, Patryk is currently putting the finishing touches on his plans to launch his own business under our shared SafeEvolveCrypto, where he will develop a market other than the metal industry and begin retail sales of carpets, rugs, and pads with customised company logos and computer graphics! 🤜🤛