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Tokenomic & Tokenometric

Current Total Supply 950,000,000 SEC tokens
Total Supply was 1,000,000,000 when SEC started on 04/03/2023. We started with a structure that will evolve as the business grows and expands into developing companies.
  • Presale 400,000,000
  • Liquidity 250,800,000
  • SEC Team 100,000,000
  • CEX Exchange 94,200,000
  • Marketing 65,000,000
  • Partnership 90,000,000
SEC tax is set up BUY 5% / SELL 5% the amount of tax that must be paid is automatically split into three parts.
  • 2% Tax - Rewards in USDT, each holder will receive part of 2% tax from next investor's transactions. (Tokens included in USDT Rewards (Holders Tokens + SEC Team - CEO Peter Wallet))
  • 1% Tax - Business Expanding, funds of this part of tax will be spend on business grow, machines and stuff for metal industry engineering, marketing, burning, buybacks, helping other businesses and 0.5% of that tax will be spend to buyback tokens and send them to each group of Hunter's, Shiller's and Mod's.
  • 1.5% Tax - Burning pool, 1% of tax money will be burned to reduce the amount of tokens in circulation and the overall market cap of SafeEvolveCrypto, bringing greater chances for investors with their positions.
  • 0.5% Tax - SEC ETF Created to invest in other cryptocurrency-based projects, investment will assist other projects and develop a common link amongst communities. Profits from the investment will be used to burn SEC tokens, reinvest in crypto ETF projects, and develop SafeEvolveCrypto.